All you Need to known About Top Games for Android Free

Gaming has been a trend among young guys all around the world. In earlier days it was like only school children were involved in gaming with mobile as well as in computers too. But now everything has been changed and age has been just a number does nowadays. There are many gaming companies out there who have been coming up with some of the best gaming up as because they have been following the trend.

I know we are here searching for some of the top games for android free which has been amazing and you liked to play, don’t worry we are here to help you out the content is all about gaming and some of the best gaming experience.

Below we have mentioned some of the top games for android free.

  1. PubgImage result for Pubg

Pubg should be one of the best games Tencent and the team have ever made. We were totally great with both the gameplay choices and the visuals clearly. The game is about action and in the allotted time, you will destroy your opponents. There will be a different set of the map you can select for which map you want to play. You have to keep in your mind that every time the map will be changing you need to be inside the blue zone which will be showing on the map and if you are back with that zone then you will die. It is one of the most interesting and user-friendly games which has been an amazing game you can find this game easily on google play store.

  1. Call Of DutyImage result for Call Of Duty

After Pubg Call of Duty is one of the best game which Is under the eye. The game just looks like pubg but it is not the same. You need to have 5 players ion your side and 5 on another side and start killing each other the one who killed more will the winner. I am sure you are going to enjoy the game.

so, when there will be my concern about choosing top games for android free, I would be picking up these two. These games are perfect which you will love. Just in case you have any queries feel free to ask and thank you for reading!

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